Who knows what’s in store? Taking the train to hospital in February.


It would be well into spring before a visit home was possible. It was good to once again enjoy time with the family.


No letting go. 離さない。

Story time えほんタイム

More time in hospital followed.  The picture below is after the second round of consolidation chemotherapy.


Finally looking the part ついに、それらしい風貌に

The next picture was taken just a few days later after being discharged.


Bike time じてんしゃタイム

Soon after we visited some friends. It was good to be free, and to be out and about as a family again.


On July 7th in Japan is a festival called Tanabata. Traditionally one writes wishes on tanzaku and hangs the paper on a bamboo branch. Here are Hotaru’s wishes from this summer: “Daddy ga genki ni naru you ni” (Daddy get well) and “Daddy ga taiin shite mo nyuin shinai yo ni” (May Daddy come home and not have to go back to hospital). I couldn’t put it better myself!

7月7日、七夕の日。今年、ほたるが短冊に書いた願い事は「DADDYが げんきに なるように」「DADDYが たいいん しても にゅいん しないように」。こんな上手い言い回し、僕には思いつかない。

Daddy get well!

Daddy come home and don't go back to hospital.