One year on – update

Aidan and his niece

Oh, dear. Word that I got out of hospital has not reached everyone. My fault for not announcing it more loudly (i.e. here). My apologies. The picture above was taken in March shortly after my release from hospital after my bout of pneumonia. My sister and her family came to visit us here. It was still cold and I was struggling to do much. Happily things are improving but I must be careful as another dose of pneumonia would be very serious. My immune system basically offers me no protection from whatever nasty bug may be going around – that’s why I wear a mask!

April 26th marked one year since the transplant. One year already – it is hard to believe. I no longer have Type A blood but B. I am all skin and bones, though I eat a lot. There are some minor ailments due to the ongoing feud between the donor’s cells and my system (the unavoidable GVHD) but I have been relatively lucky. Slowly we are picking up the pieces after two years of nothing but hospitals. Spring was brief this year and it is starting to get warm. It feels good to be alive!