Desperately Seeking Donors


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Aidan has leukaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Otherwise the prognosis is very poor. Without treatment he will not live another year.

No sibling was a match and no suitable donor was found in Japan because of his ethnicity. As a long-term resident of Japan, he is no longer eligible for treatment in the UK, his home country.  The only hope left for him is a world-wide search, a process not covered under the Japanese National Health Insurance. Aidan needs at least ¥3, 500, 000.

Our immediate goal is to help Aidan and his family. Money will mean he can proceed with a life-saving transplant.

Getting foreigners, especially Caucasians, to register as donors might just mean Aidan finds a donor here in Japan. Sadly he is not alone and there is a desperate need for donors of any ethnicity. We hope many of you will go through the painless procedure of registering as a bone marrow donor. You could save someone’s life.